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Advancing Situational Awareness and Inter-Agency Coordination with Interoperability

Alberta Health Services has been leading a province-wide interoperability project over the past two years to drive greater situational awareness and increased efficiencies of its resources. With the CAD to CAD project leveraging integration technologies, regions across the province are now able to share information and dispatch local EMS Services more efficiently. During this session Jim Garland, Associative Executive Director EMS Dispatch Communications and Deployment at Alberta Health Services, will present and discuss:

  • How technology interoperability leads organizations to further collaboration and resource sharing
  • How consolidation, Big Data, digital communications, and other trends are changing control rooms
  • How the consolidation of AHS has created better situational awareness
  • The best practices AHS has learned during the interoperability process

APCO Institute Learning and Development: Your Needs/Our Solutions

Success in the Public-Safety Communications industry is influenced by several different traits. Experience, location, commitment and availability to name a few. If we dissected each trait down to the foundation we would find education and training.

Do you have the motivation to branch out to the next phase of your career?

In this session, APCO Institute’s Education and Training Administrator, Sheila Hanna, will describe and discuss training opportunities and classes available through APCO Institute.

Professional development begins with YOU!

Building Healthy Workplaces

Bell will share their experience on building the Bell Workplace Mental Health program and how police agencies can take advantage of the Bell Let’s Talk initiative and community fund to help pay for mental health services for police agencies.

Coaching is a Two-Way Street

This interactive session will guide participants in fostering a positive learning environment for a trainee. Coaching styles will be examined and participants will learn how to apply specific styles to various situations. Participants will interact with each other to decide the best strategy or method of instruction for their fictional trainee. The session will also address what steps to take when the trainee is having difficulty in meeting the desired competency levels during the training phase. Overall the session will emphasize that in order to improve training culture it is important to foster a positive, supportive, and collaborative learning environment. At the end of the hour session participants can expect to have a basic understanding of the importance of developing relationships of mutual trust and respect between a coach and a trainee.

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